Thursday, April 20, 2017

Monday 24th April - Students start back for Term 2
Tuesday 25th April - ANZAC Day public holiday.
Wednesday 26th April - Back to school for the rest of the term.
Absences: Parents of any students absent on the 24th or any other day, need to
1. Send a Note with a reason for the absence the next day the child comes to school.
2. Ring or email the school office and advise the office staff.
3. Use the School App to advise the school when your child/ren is/are absent.
4. Advise the class teacher so they can update the class attendance register.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

It was another lovely ANZAC Ceremony this year. Many thanks to our special guests, Lieutenant Chapman and Leading Seaman Kissick from the Navy and George Korol from the Kalamunda Returned Services League. Thank you also to all the students who submitted pieces to be read out at the service. Congratulations to the students who were chosen to read their pieces out, they reminded us of why we have these ceremonies to remind us of those who gave their lives, so we can enjoy the freedoms we have. Many thanks to all the parents who sent in flowers and to those who came in to help make up the wreaths. Many thanks to the choir and Mr Honey for their singing and songs. Also many thanks to all the staff, in particular, Mr Sanderson and Mr Wallis, our gardener, for all the setup for the event. Finally many thanks to the students of Rooms 15 and 21, who formed the guard of honour, as the wreaths were brought up to be laid at the flag poles. Thanks to our photographer this year, Mr Petch.   

After the ANZAC Ceremony, Lieutenant Chapman and Leading Seaman Kissick visited the senior classes and spoke to the students about their work in the Navy and answered questions form the students. They were impressed by the students and the interest they showed and found their visit to Wattle Grove a very enjoyable experience. I still wonder how LS Kissick' a submariner for seven years managed to fit into the submarine, being so tall. 

On Wednesday, we had a Crazy Hair Day to raise funds for the Cancer Council. Their were some amazing hair dos to see and over $522.00 was raised. Thank you to all the parents who did such a great job of doing their children's hair and must have had a lot of fun as well.

Congratulations to our Faction Captains for 2017. We look forward to you doing a great job to lead your faction during the year and wish your teams every success.
Purple Faction: Ariel, Kaylee, Abby, Jake, Asher
Blue Faction: Boston, Jack, Tahlia, Siena (Apologies to Jack - had him as Jake, fixed now)
Red Faction: Karan, Dylan , Sophia, Tayla

Orange Faction: Ryan, Jake, Ila, Eva