Saturday, November 28, 2015

Congratulations to all the students of Wattle Grove Primary who submitted their portfolios for the Darling Range Citizenship Awards 2015. Students in all six primary schools in the Darling Range Learning Community Network were eligible for these awards. The ceremony was held last Tuesday evening at the Darling Range Sports College, with Lily-Mae in Room 18 receiving the First Place Certificate and $150 Gift Certificate from the Shire of Kalamunda. Hailey in Room 18 was second and Cole also in Room 18 was third. Tyler in Room 18 and Jeremy and Margarette in Room 15, received certificates of commendation for their portfolios.

Sunday, November 15, 2015


Day 5 slideshow, with photos of the Two Up School, where students got to play a demonstration game of Two Up, using fake money, while also learning some of the history of the game. It was a lot of fun, with Dilta from Room 18, taking all the cash and leaving everyone else as losers... Lunch was at Hammond Park, where they have a big playground, peacocks roaming free and kangaroos, emus and other native birds for visitors to enjoy. After lunch, it was back to the camp school to pack the bus with all the baggage, take it up to the station and then return to pick up the students. Issues with the train meant some passengers travelled to Perth by bus. These also delayed the train leaving by 20 minutes and further delays along the trip, waiting on other traffic, delayed it so it was late into Perth, arriving at about 10.20pm and well past the advertised time of 9.45.
The camp  was a huge success, thanks to all the hard work of Camp Coordinator, Mr Sherlock, with support from Mrs Lavery, Mrs Douglas, Mr Meachem and student teacher, Mr Gartrell. It has been good to have the weekend to relax, catch up with our families and our sleep, after a fun week of being on duty day and night. Many thanks also to all the work the camp school staff put in to making the camp such a great, fun and memorable experience for all of our students.

Slideshow of Day 3 events and activities is above, starting with a visit to the Loopline Museum, where they are refurbishing this line that took the miners in the early days from Boulder, up to all the small mines that have now been gobbled up by the KCMG Superpit. After this a visit to Boulder town hall was next on the itinerary to see the amazing and priceless Phillip Goatcher hand painted stage curtain, the only one left in the world. The students also visited the Council Chamber and sat in the Councillors chairs as they listened to historian Tim Moore talk about the history of the early people and buildings in Boulder, including all the previous mayors decking the walls of the chamber. Lunch was back at the camp school and then it was off to the Hannan's Tourist Mine to see many old mine buildings and equipment as well as some of the modern items, such as a Haulpac and small loader, compared to some of them, although it was quite huge. There was also Gold Panning to be had in the small stream running through part of the area. It was harder to find gold than at Lake Douglas on Day 2 and most of the tryers were disappointed. They had lots of interesting souvenirs and things to buy, but time was short as we were due to tour the Superpit, so we had to go back later for that. In the evening, the students had a great time at the Goldfields Oasis swimming and playing in the water, before returning to the camp school and filling in their camp booklet and going to bed. They all slept very well that night...
Above is the Day 4 slideshow of the activities and events for the day. The first activity was to visit the Kalgoorlie Town Hall, where town historian, Tim Moore told us all about the history and the famous figures behind it, just as he did the day before in Boulder. The students were very interested and asked lots of questions. They sat in the Council Chambers and councillors chairs with all the history around them. The walk up the main street past the Paddy Hannan and St Barbara statues, visiting the Palace Hotel where Herbert Hoover stayed, past many other historic buildings to the WA Museum at the top end of the street. At the Museum there were many interesting exhibits to do with the early gold days, including old wooden buildings and an old mine main frame above the museum building. The students visited the platform level and looked out over the town, noting the camp school, the Boulder Town Hall and Weather Bureau Radar building in the distance, as well as, the Mount Charlotte Reservoir, where water in the pipeline from Perth ends up, thanks to C Y O'Connor. They can also see the earth mounds from the Superpit and the Mt Charlotte Head Frame, the only underground mine still operating in Kalgoorlie and the old head frames at the Hannan's Tourist Mine in the distance. After lunch back at the camp school, students visited the Royal Flying Doctor Base and the Weather Bureau at by the airport. They were able to check out a Flying Doctor plane although one group was cut short by an ambulance transfer during their visit. At the weather Bureau, they saw all the instruments that record the weather information and saw a weather balloon launched into the atmosphere to carry out more information collection. It was another very interesting and busy day, with the evening filled with a Games Night, Camp Booklet entries and the cutting and eating of  Cole's Birthday Cake, thanks to the ladies in the kitchen.

Above is the slideshow of the Day 2 Events and Activities, starting with the Bush Breakfast, where the students made toasted sandwiches using "Jaffle Irons" in open fires and tasted Kangaroo Meat. They ate cereal out of mini boxes and chose from eggs, bacon, kangaroo, baked beans, cheese and tomato to put in their "Jaffles". They them hopped on the buses and went south to Lake Douglas to do some Gold Prospecting. Here they collected quartz rocks to crush and pan for any gold. There was a lot of excitement when the first gold was found and then taped to a Miners Right slip, so it wouldn't get lost. Unfortunately. some students dropped their pieces before they were able to do this. Most of them did manage to find a small piece amongst all the crushed rock. Lunch was in Coolgardie, where they have a lovely green park with a big playground to have fun on. After lunch was a tour of the historic sights in and around Coolgardie, including, Warden Finnerty's House, the cemetary for some interesting stories behind some of the people buried there from the past, and the Courthouse Museum. Unfortunately, Jack Carins old prospector's humpy, was closed off by the mining company whose lease it it on. The Shire of Coolgardie is trying to resolve the issue for tourists and visitors in the future. After dinner back at camp, the evening was time to fill in camp booklets and then have some fun with a Quiz Night.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Above is a slideshow of the first day of the Year 6 Camp to Kalgoorlie, starting with the seven hour train trip on the Prospector, leaving from East Perth at 7am. Technology in the back of the seats in front, as in large aircraft, made it easier to endure the long ride. Arriving in Kalgoorlie at 2.30pm, we had two 25 seater buses to take the students to the Goldfields Camp School to settle in for the week. After this, we drove up to the Superpit to see how big and deep it was and view a blast, but unfortunately this had occurred earlier in the day. After dinner of Shepherds Pie and Sticky Date Pudding with Caramel Sauce, the students watched the movie, "Inside Out" before going to bed. Lights out at 9.30pm, but some students found it hard to get to sleep in a new environment and after the excitement of the day. Enlarge the slides by clicking the arrow button below to get the best view of the show.