Saturday, May 24, 2014

Congratulations to Joelle Greenaway, who was recently elected as the Board Chairperson. Joelle has been is a founding member of the board and is very keen on education, as a former teacher and now state manager of Ashton Scholastic.
Congratulations also to Gloria Fletcher, seen here with her Thursday group and parent, Keely Robinson, who both received School Board Awards at the last assembly. Gloria received her award for excellence in teaching, while Keely received hers in recognition of the valuable contribution made volunteering over several years as the uniform coordinator for the P&C. Unfortunately she was not able to attend the assembly to receive her award, but hopefully she will be able to come to the next assembly. Click on photos to enlarge.
Sincere thanks to all the volunteers at Wattle Grove, who do many important jobs to assist and support the work of the teachers and the school. They make a big difference in our school, whether in roles as part of the P&C or School Board, or as volunteer helpers in classes and on excursions. Without their help Wattle Grove would find it very difficult to offer the level of  in learning resources and support for the students we are able to because of all their hard work.
Photos: The Book Covering Team, lead by P&C Secretary, Brooke Van Beek in the pink and below, Tania Oliver, 2014 P&C President, seen here in the canteen and who is always around the school organising or sorting something...

Here are the Year 6 and 7 Leavers Shirts for 2014. The Year 6 students (top photo) are the first of the Year 6 students to graduate from primary school and start in 2015 at high school, as the first Year 7 students to go high school.The Year 7's (bottom photo) are the last Year 7 to graduate from primary school, as Year 7 will be the first year in high school from 2015. Click photos to see larger view.

This week the Term 1 School Representatives have been running a Coin Trail, as a fundraiser they were not able to do in Term 1. The trail started at the Undercover Area at the beginning of the week and ended up somewhere outside Block One, on the way to the Admin Block.
At the end of each day, the distance had to be measured, the end point marked and the coins picked up. Then the next day, the trail was again started from the previous days finsh, to slowly wend it's way towards the Admin Block at the front of the school. Well done to the Term 1 School Reps, especially Rhian, Bella, Aaliyah and Gabriella.

Stay tuned for the amount raised and distance covered.

Recently a Quenda or Southern Brown Bandicoot, previously seen at the front of the school, has been visiting the junior part of the school and has been coming out onto the paving near the Kindy, to enjoy the crumbs left by the students. If the students approach slowly and quietly, they can come to within a couple of metres, before it retreats to the cover of the bushes.
Although similar in size to Rats, Bandicoots have a long pointed snout and sharp claws to dig around for small animals in the soil. They also have a short stubby tail, unlike Rats with longer tails. It didn't eat the apple, but gave it a good licking and they can eat some vegetable matter as a part of their diet.

Quenda is the name given to them by the local aboriginal people.