Sunday, February 21, 2021


It has been great to see everyone settling in to the their new classrooms and routines after a delayed start to the 2021 school year.  We had a new classroom delivered over the holidays - Room 34 with Miss Rachel Marinan and we would also like to welcome and congratulate our new staff members for this year: Miss Rhian Shirripa – Teacher -Room 6, Mrs Rachael Marinan – Teacher –Room 34; Mrs Emily Honey – Junior Music Specialist; Mrs Kelly MurphyTeacherRoom 24; Miss Amber Lupini – TeacherRoom 25; and Mr Kieran Wallis – ICT Specialist Teacher.

Celebrate Australia Day

To demonstrate our Australian spirit and our school motto of Give to Receive”, we conducted a special Celebrate Australia Day today Friday 12 February 2021 to raise money for the Lord Mayors Bushfire Appeal. Thank you to all the children who donated to this cause and wore clothing depicting the Australian theme on Friday. Throughout the week, the children participated in a range of learning activities about Australia. Together we demonstrated the Wattle Grove spirit of Give to Receive’ on this special day.

Our school raised


for the Bushfire Appeal

Friday, December 4, 2020


After a wonderful Graduation Ceremony. the graduating students celebrated at the dance afterwards. Before the dance, there were photographs and supper, followed by the dance. Many thanks to Melanie and her team from Humphreys Dance, who taught the students during the term and then ran the evening. Some students won awards for their dancing, adding to the fun. It was very unfortunate that due to COVID 19 restrictions, parents were unable to join in the traditional last dance with their young graduate.


There were not very many buffet restaurants to choose from for the Graduation Lunch and we settled for the Atrium Buffet Restaurant at the Crown Casino. It was a beautiful experience for all of us, after a tough year contending with the COVID 19 Pandemic and all that entailed. The students loved having lots of dishes to choose from and really enjoyed themselves. We had some lovely feedback from the public also dining there, complimenting the students on their beautiful behaviour.  

Sunday, November 29, 2020


This year several classes participated in a statewide collaborative book project presented by Meerilinga Young Children's Foundation open to children aged 0-12 in Western Australia. The project invited WA children to connect, create and explore Children's Rights in a creative story made by children, for children.

Three books were complied by Fremantle based children's author Briony Stewart


I am so proud to announce that from nearly 800 submissions, Wattle Grove PS had 19 students represented in all three books.  The students will be awarded with their own copy of the book they are featured in and the school library and art room will receive their own copies of all three books for students to enjoy.

Congratulations to all who participated in this fabulous collaboration and a super congratulations to the following students whose words or illustrations have been included in one of the books.

From Room 32 - Ethan, Priscilla and Preksha
From Room 25 - Ashvanth and April
From Room 26 - Lucas, Griffin, Taylor, Jeel and Redwan
From Room 22 - Kyan, Aliston, Alysha, Raj, Rosie and Angelina

From Room 31 - Paige, Cohen and Blake

Sunday, November 22, 2020


The day started after breakfast, with packing our gear and tidying and vacuuming the dorms. Then the bags were loaded on the buses while a staff member and bus driver went out to check the road into the Two-Up School we were due to visit was accessible. It proved to be in good condition and there was some cover for the students and so we went on with the outing. The students enjoyed the experience, even though there can only ever be one winner and this was part of the lesson. Next, we went shopping to buy some goodies to enjoy on the trip home. It was an uneventful trip home, although some students and staff found the dinner hard to manage even though it turned out to be tasty as the moisture in it had soaked the bag it was in. Might have been better for the chef to have had that for lunch and the roll we had then, for dinner. The donuts for dessert were very nice and a real treat after battling with the moist pizza style slice.

 KALGOORLIE CAMP 2020 - DAY 4Day 4 started with a bit of colour in the sunrise. After breakfast, we visited the Kalgoorlie Town Hall and saw it was a lot different to the Boulder Town Hall. Late groups visited the KCMG Superpit, while the remainder had games back at the camp school. The busses were not big enough for us all at once. After dinner, students had a choice of watching a movie or playing some games in the Games Room...


Our day started with a visit to the Boulder Town Hall, to see among other things, the amazing Philip Goatcher Stage Curtain, said by some experts to be equivalent to the Mona Lisa in theatrical circles. Then it was on The Hannan's Tourist Mine to see the exhibits and memorabilia and perhaps buy a souvenir or two.